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About Us

Voip Wholesale Service Ltd located in France and have another two location Hongkong & Singapore with a vision of raising the bar of excellence in service. Our team backed up with highly professional, technical concept with practical knowledge of today’s VoIP business platform. Our success is maintained by the talent, skill, and experience of our consulting and management teams. We invest heavily in cross-training our consultants, which has given us one of the best technically skilled and well rounded teams in the industry.

Voip Wholesale Service Ltd is a next-generation telecom service provider specializing in wholesale voice aggregation / transit / termination services. We have a strong focus on niche markets in the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East, African, European & Asian Countries. Wholesale VoIP providers offer various voice routes of different countries on a pay-as-you-go basis. In addition, the support of our technical team is offered on a 24×7 basis. We ensure that our response time is minimum and quality of resolution as per our customers’ requirements. Our SIP system supports all facets of establishing and terminating voice calls from all over the world.