Wholesale Service Pvt Ltd has been a leading wholesale service provider and fast developing prominent VoIP service provider in France. Now expanding fast into the global wholesale voice market leveraging on our accumulated experience and technology.

Wholesale Service Pvt Ltd is a leading systems integration company focusing on all key aspects of complex planning, designing, testing and implementation.Wholesale Service Pvt Ltd has the global reputation to deal with A – Z termination. Our user friendly technology as well as simultaneous support service always keeps us connected with our customers, Vendors and Clients.

Wholesale Service Pvt Ltd is significantly growing business at the best price and quality of services. We are currently routing traffic to over 120 global partners and building Pops in the major countries with years of wholesale experience.Wholesale Service Pvt Ltd has hands-on understanding of all wholesale telecommunications markets and how to bring value to them. Wholesale Service Pvt Ltd has its major worldwide existence.


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